Re-entry Qarman

Mechanical Structure Analysis

The company Voxdale performed a series of mechanical calculations to virtually check the integrity of the satellite structure. This is needed to ensure that the structure can handle the (sometimes heavy) vibration and load stresses acting on it during launch and re-entry. The following figure shows an exploded view of the model.

Exploded View of a Satellite

First, the CAD geometry was simplified to suit FEA methods. This is shown in the next figure.

CAD Model

Secondly, non-linear submodels were constructed to analyse the behavior of spring-loaded mechanisms.
Thirdly, the results were translated into a linear global model that was used for:

  • static G-load scenario's in X, Y and Z
  • modal analyses with calculation of (cumulative) mass participation factors for X, Y and Z direction
  • sinusoidal load analysis
  • random vibration analysis

The figures below show amplitudes due to vibrations induced by the launcher, and corresponding von Mises stresses.