• Environmental and Applied Fluid Dynamics

    To address revolutionary environmental and industrial challenges
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Environmental and Applied Fluid Dynamics Department

The Environmental and Applied Fluid Dynamics ideals with all natural and industrial processes in which fluid dynamics plays an important role. The research engineers have extensive experience and genuine expertise to approach new problems in many different kinds of environmental and industrial developments. They often contribute to the solution of a problem encountered by our customer in a process or a plant. In such case, a team is created, grouping together the company’s engineers and the VKI researchers. This group works then within a successful association that uses the in-house expertise of the customer and the VKI specialists in fluid dynamics.

Faculty - EA

Delphine Laboureur

Associate Professor

Miguel Mendez

Assistant Professor

Christophe Schram


Jeroen van Beeck

Dean of the Faculty and Head of the Department and Professor

  • Georgios Bampanis
  • Lorenzo Raffaele
  • Riccardo Zamponi
  • Wassim Abdel Nour
  • Mushin Can Akkurt
  • Pierette Atikpo
  • Andrea Attavino
  • David Barreiro
  • Bart Brouwers
  • Tommaso Carlesi
  • Joachim Dominique
  • Adriana Enache
  • Loreline Faugier
  • Domenico Fiorini
  • Benoît Foloppe
  • Emmanuel Gyllins
  • Yohanna Henrotel
  • Gert-Jan Glabeke
  • Zoé Jardon
  • Baris Kale
  • Tom Lauriks
  • Aude Lecardonnel
  • Abdelhafidh Moumen
  • Yoshiyuki Nishio
  • Fabio Pino
  • Romain Poletti
  • Sara Porchetta
  • Svana Rogalla
  • Simon Samaan
  • Nikolaos Stergiannis
  • Maxim Van Cappellen
  • Adithya Vemuri
  • Kartik Venkatraman
  • Konstantinos Vratsinis
  • Alessandro Zarri
  • Mohammed Al Sailani
  • Carlo Casale
  • Erica Gallo
  • Tsvetelina Ivanova
  • Feride Kutbay
  • Pedro Marques
  • Rebeca Marini
  • Marcello Nitti
  • Aviva Opsomer
  • Riccardo Sala
  • Daniel Stuntz
  • Jan Van Den Berghe
  • Alperen Yildizeli

Project Office - Research Managers

Jean-Baptiste Gouriet

Research Manager

Philippe Planquart

Research Manager

Bayındır H. Saracoğlu

Research Manager