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    To solve problematics of aircraft engines
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Turbomachinery and Propulsion Department

For several decades, the Turbomachinery and Propulsion Department has been broadly specialized in activities related to aero-propulsion and energy conversion by means of rotating machinery. At the present time, the department teams up with the major European engine manufacturers, either in European Commission co-funded projects, or in bilateral focused programs.

The department has been recognized as one of the main research partners of the Safran Group, the French aeroengine manufacturer. Advanced aero-thermal research is carried out on the colder fan and compressor side, as well as on the hotter turbine extremity.

Through these challenging contacts with industry on one side and the continuous involvement in international programs within the turbomachinery research community on the other side, the VKI Turbomachinery and Propulsion Department has developed over the years a widely recognized expertise in most of the important domains of aero-thermal turbomachinery.

On the energy side, the department recently completed the aero-mechanical design of the primary cooling pump of the Myrrha reactor for SCK•CEN in Mol (Belgium), and contributed to product development in several sectors of the energy conversion industry (steam turbines, turbochargers, etc.).

Faculty - TU

Tony Arts


Frank Eulitz

Professor and Head of Department

Fabrizio Fontaneto

Associate Professor

Sergio Lavagnoli

Associate Professor

Tom Verstraete


  • Elissavet Boufidi
  • Bogdan Cezar Cernat
  • Loris Simonassis
  • Cédric Babin
  • Federico Bertelli
  • Bora Orcun Cakir
  • Arnaud Châtel
  • Tom De Bruyn
  • Gonçalo Granjal Cruz
  • Gustavo Lopes
  • Ludovico Nista
  • Mizuki Okada
  • Alberto Racca
  • Riccardo Toracchio
  • Antonio Federico Torre
  • Luca Zampini
  • Simon Berge
  • Raffaele Carandente
  • Utku Caylan
  • Victor Coulon
  • Lorenzo Da Valle
  • Grégory Delvaux
  • William Fraga
  • Lorenzo Galieti
  • Romain Hottois
  • Nassim Razaaly
  • Maxime Sanquer
  • Hauke Witte

Project Office - Research Managers

Jean-Baptiste Gouriet

Research Manager

Philippe Planquart

Research Manager

Bayındır H. Saracoğlu

Research Manager