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VKI presents its gender equality, diversity and inclusion plan

Today is the 11th International Day of Women and Girls in Science. VKI appreciates the importance of an inclusive community that is not only free from discrimination but is also able and willing to do more - in other words, a community perceiving differences as an ethical value and a valuable resource that can yield positive benefits.

On the occasion of this important day, VKI is pleased to present its Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan, a document in which the Institute aims to implement actions and projects to reduce inequalities and enhance diversity.

VKI community is committed
-To further build on a fair and inclusive research and educational environment.
-To enhance our positive attitude towards diversity through our institute culture, values and leadership.
-To embrace diversity as an asset for innovation and an enrichment in our multi-skilled research and educational environment.
-To support positive actions in all employment and educational activities and areas (recruitment & selection, learning & development, compensation & benefits, access to facilities, etc.) to provide equal opportunities and a fair treatment for all.
-To be receptive to the needs of those with unique characteristics and combat discrimination
-To value all our employees and students (current, former and future) and to collaborate respectfully by building on each other’s difference.

This policy reinforces the VKI commitment to promote the diversity of our community (staff and students), fostering a culture of respect and providing equality, fairness and inclusion for everyone, no matter his / her background, characteristics or preferences.