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HPC Cluster

The CLusterVision HPC cluster is a water cooled, single rack system composed by 28 nodes, a parallel file system of 70TB formatted storage and 4x FDR Infiniband connectivity (max theoretical speed 54Gbps).

Each node has four AMD Opteron 6376 processors with 16 cores and 16 threads with 256GB of memory, for a total of 1792 cores and 7TB of memory.

The cluster runs the Bright Cluster Management Software and uses SLURM as scheduler.

It will be recommissioned in the near future with some upgrades and dedicated to students and lighter HPC jobs.

VKI in-house Cluster

The Frankenstein in-house cluster at VKI is a new high-performance computing cluster that is set into operation in the second half of 2019 based on AMD Naples Epyc 7551 processors to enable computationally intense calculation for CFD.

At the current stage the cluster is equipped with 12 blades, each hosting 2 processors with 32 cores and 64 threads each. Each blade has 8 memory channels and 1Tb RAM at 2667 MHz and it is envisioned to be extend in 2020 with at least 10 additional nodes with the latest AMD Epyc Rome Processors and faster memory.

Dual rail Infiniband connectivity uses 4x EDR connectivity for MPI communications for calculations (max theoretical speed 100Gbps) and 4x DDR connectivity for NFS data (max theoretical speed 16Gbps). Future blades will be either Rome or Milan depending from the timing of the release of the 3rd generation Epyc processors.