Previous Research Master members

You can find here the list of the previous Research master members (former Diploma Course) from 2000 until now in the Environmental and Applied Fluid Dynamics department.

Research Master Members 2016-2017:

  • Ruben Di Battista: Anisothermal simulation of two-phase solid-liquid slush flows for propulsion systems
  • Joachim Dominique: restricted
    Joachim Dominique was awarded the prize of Excellence in Numerical Research
  • Adriana Enache: restricted
  • Seyma Pinar Eneren Aksoy:Slurry characterisation with captive and optical probes
  • Andre Farinha: Solidification in natural convection flows: An experimental and numerical analysis
  • Maria Faruoli: Adjoint optimization with thermal constraints for Myrrha reactor
  • Zoé Jardon: Turbulent noise production in duct systems
  • Dimitris Logothetis: Integration of acoustic installation effects in beamforming algorithm
  • Hynek Řezníček: Numerical simulation of meso-gamma ABL using OpenFOAM
  • Hristiana Velichkova: Flow field characterization of a new wind tunnel designed for low Prandtl number fluids
  • Onur Yenigün: Experimental characterization of two-phase flows under cavitation conditions
  • Alexandre Zapata: Measurement and modelling of turbulent wall pressure in a boundary layer

Research Master Members 2015-2016:

  • Nicolas Bouanati: Acoustic beamforming for aeroacoustics
  • Mauro Michele Campagna: Instantaneous measurements of fluctuating temperature and velocity
  • Nicolas Coudou: Wind turbine / farm wake(s) meandering study in an ABL wind tunnel
    Nicolas Coudou was awarded the Theodore von Karman Prize
  • Maximilian Hansinger: Numerical simulation of cryogenic fluid in simplified space propulsion reservoir
    Maximilian Hansinger was awarded the prize of Excellence in Numerical Research
  • Jean-Benoît Mandon: Acoustic damping by spray curtains
  • Lőrinc  Németh: Modeling and numerical analysis of chill down phenomena
    Lőrinc Németh was awarded the Belgian Government Prize
  • Özge Sinem Özçakmak : Building integrated wind turbines
  • Alfonso Paci: Uncertainty quantification for ABL flows
  • Zoltán  Petró: Experimental study of the fluid hammer during the priming process in liquid propulsion lines
  • Sara Porchetta: Evaluation of the mesoscale turbulence parameterization schemes for coupled CFD/NWP simulations
  • Maria Teresa Scelzo: Flow control of confinement-driven oscillation of impinging jets

Research Master Members 2014-2015:

  • João Luís Aguiar Oliveira Rosa: RANS based prediction of trailing-edge noise on a rotating blade
  • Giacomo Alessi: Adjoint optimization of vehicle aerodynamics by means of OPENFOAM
  • Adelchi Jacques Asta: restricted
  • Giunio De Luca: Numerical investigation of wind tunnel effects in the aerodynamic characteristics of an airplane
  • Marco Ferrarotti: Simulation of flows over hills in non neutral atmosphere
  • Charline Fouchier: restricted
    Charline Fouchier received the Excellence in Experimental Research
  • Taygun Recep Güngör: Investigation of atmosphere boundary layer in non-neutral condition by large eddy simulation
  • Vigfús Arnar Jósefsson: CFD base design of a low Prandlt number wind tunnel
  • Jorge Ramos Mateos: Design and application of sting balances in L1 and S1 facilities
  • Tümcan Şen: Experimental characterization of liquid nitrogen chill-down in a pipe
  • Ştefan Mugur Simionescu: Convective heat exchange between impinging gas jets and structured solid surfaces
  • Vincent Ton: Feasibility study of a spatial heat flux gauge using phosphorescence

Research Master Members 2013-2014:

  • Emre Barlas: Experimental investigation of wind turbine / farm wakes in a boundary layer wind tunnel
    Emre Barlas had received the Excellence in Experimental Research prize
  • Adreu Carbó Molina: Experimental study of boiling in water and liquid nitrogen
  • Daniele Cozzani: Simulation of thermal-hydraulic phenomena in a spent fuel pool of a nuclear power plant
  • Massimo Emiliano D’Elia: Characterization of nanoparticle aggregates by light extinction spectroscopy
  • Ignacio De Las Heras: Aerodynamic performance of Airbus A300-SOAR at take-off
  • Guido Galgani: Development of LIEF technique for liquid temperature measurements
  • Pedro García Carrascal: Sizing of irregular particles using laser back-scattering techniques
    Pedro  García Carrascal had received the Prince Alexander of Belgium Award for Best Presentation
  • Alejandro Huertas Martínez: Simultaneous measurements of velocity concentration and temperature in buoyant jets in a closed natural convection loop
  • Loïs Labarrère: Confidential project
  • Aurore Lafond: Numerical modelling of subcooled boiling
    Aurore Lafond had received the Belgium Government Prize
  • Güven Öğüş: Investigation of aerodynamic sound generation mechanisms in a generic environmental control system by means of PIV
  • Ögüs Temel: Evaluation of urban canopy models over Oklahoma region with weather research and forecasting model
  • Augustín Villa Ortiz: Implementation in OpenFOAM of a heat transfer turbulence model for low Prandlt number fluids

Research Master Members 2012-2013:

  • Giuseppe CARIDI: Characterization of a cavitating flow through optical techniques
    Giuseppe Cardi has received the Excellence in Experimental Research Prize.
  • Nicolas DE COCK: Study of droplet dynamics on a heated surface
  • Samuel ESPÍN TOLOSA: Numerical study of sloshing in liquid metal reactor
  • Sara GONZÁLEZ RUIZ: High altitude ice crystals for commercial aircrafts by using laser scattering technique
    Sara González Ruiz has received the Excellence in Experimental Research Prize.
  • Giuliana LITRICO: Controlled oxidation of aluminum nanoparticles: modeling and validation
  • Miguel Alfonso MENDEZ: Experimental Study of Gas Jet-Falling Liquid Film Interaction
    Miguel Alfonso Mendez has received the Theodore von Karman Prize.
  • Emir ÖNGÜNER: Aeroacoustics of ducted diaphragms in aircraft environmental control systems: sound production and acoustic response/
  • Samuele VIARO: Wake analysis of a wind turbine model
  • Daniel RODRIGUEZ CALVETE: Wake analysis of a wind turbine model
  • Zeynep Elvan YILDIRIM: Study of thermal stratification in a natural circulation loop

Research Master Members 2011-2012:

  • Fernando Carbajo Fuertes: Use of miniature microphones for the assessment of unsteady wind loads in tall buildings
  • Oğuz Durmaz: Dynamic stall of flapping wing
  • Attila Felföldi: Tonal and broadband noise prediction for low-speed fans
  • Clara García Sánchezx: Large eddy simulations of the idealized offshore boundary layer using the weather research and forecasting model
  • David Sebastián Martinez Hernández: Experimental and numerical study of natural convection in fuel-assembly bundles
  • Elisa Pescini: Experimental validation of the multi wavelength light extinction technique on potassium chloride nanoparticles
  • Aniko Rakai: Simulation of flow around a building-shape obstacle with OPENFOAM
  • Alessia Simonini: Experimental investigations of flashing atomization through PLIF and Mie/PLIF measurements: application to space propulsion
  • Mathieu Specklin: Bubble dispersion in MYRRHA reactor

Research Master Members 2010-2011:

  • Arnau Bayon: Wind energy mapping by downscaling NCEP/NCAR reanalysis data 1 to microscale model WAsP
  • Enrico Cecchi: Use of microphones in wind tunnel testing for the evaluation of unsteady loads on buildings
  • Francisco José García Soto: Investigation of interaction of coherent structures on heat transfer in ribbed duct
  • Francesco Ghini: Implementation of three-component velocity measurement techniques for wind resource assessment
  • Davide Greco: In duct acoustic measurements by means of a two-microphone technique
  • Imre Horváth: Validation and application of the muli wavelength light extinction technique in two phase flows
    Irme Horváth has received the Belgium Government Prize
  • Jorge Pinho: Multiphase investigation of the water hammer phenomena in satellite propulsion system using CFD-ACE+: application to liquid propellants ad cryogenic liquid
  • Nicolas Rey: Measurements of bubble size in dense two-phase flow
  • Shayan Sharifzadeh: Experimental and numerical study of the inhibitors' effect on an axial flow, in large solid propellant boosters of Ariane 5
  • Chiara Spaccapaniccia: Investigation of a natural convective plume through PIV and BOS techniques
  • Filippos Tourlomousis: Determination of critical smoke ventilation for a car park fire using small-scale testing with helium

Research Master Members 2009-2010:

Diploma Course Members 2008-2009:

Diploma Course Members 2007-2008:

Diploma Course members 2006-2007:

Diploma Course members 2005-2006:

Diploma Course members 2004-2005:


Diploma Course members 2003-2004:

  • ALONSO LATORRE Baldomero: Aerodynamic characterization of coaxial jets
  • BERAN Jiri: Numerical simulation of heat transfer in liquid sprays
  • JORGE Nuno: Blockage effect on circular cylinders and its wake
  • PEZZA Vincenzo: Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes solver based on a non-linear K-e model
  • REGERT Tamas: Experimental investigation of the effect of droplets on coherent structures over a open, rectangular cavity
  • ROSSI Vincenzo: Numerical modelling of gas-jet wiping
  • SANCHEZ VELASCO Francisco: Characterization of flashing break-up of superheated liquid jets
  • SANZ RODRIGO Javier: Modelling of extreme gusts in high roughness atmospheric boundary layers
  • THEUNISSEN Raf: Experimental investigation of aerosol deposition in lung airways
  • TRAN Nicolas: Slag accumulation in a stagnant area

Diploma Course members 2002-2003:

  • Angelo Algieri: Experimental study of water spray curtain
  • Eric Bertrand: Numerical simulation of symmetric bifurcations using FLUENT
  • Laura Castellano : Jet wiping at small stand-off distances
  • Sam Dehaeck : Two-phase flow in continuous casting
  • Antonio De Lauretis : Effect of droplets on the flow over a cavity
  • Joseph Kubitschek : Theoretical and experimental investigations of liquid jet stability for application to flashing
  • Robert Lewtak : Numerical modelling of liquid sprays
  • Máté Lohász : Large eddy simulation of ribbed duct flow using FLUENT
  • Miguel Marques : Application of super resolution PIV to simultaneous velocity and concentration measurements
  • Michela Massini : Sand erosion technique for microclimate analysis
  • Yucel Ozmen : Experimental investigation of wind effect on buildings
  • Giovannino Pasquarelli : Experimental study of the influence of the wind tunnel blockage on the aerodynamics of octagonal cylinders
  • Sarah Taubitz : Sound of the subsonic jet
  • Hernani Theias : Pressure field on a low-rise building roof submitted to wind action
  • Ayse Yüksel : study of impinging jet using FLUENT and LES

Diploma Course members 2001-2002:

  • Maria Algar: Large eddy simulation of a free planar turbulent jet and impinging jets
  • Anne Gosset: Free surface instabilities on liquid moving films
  • Marcos R. Lema: Study of convective heat transfer in transpiration heating
  • Ourania-Nektaria Margari: Experimental characterization of a flashing two-phase jet
  • Elif Özsoy: Vortices characterization in a cavity at low speed
  • Gloria Romera: Aeroacoustics of an excited jet
  • Renato Sousa: Slug flow visualization in non-newtonian fluids using simultaneous PIV and shadowing technique
  • Balázs Toth: Application of a novel optical image capturing technique
  • Ferran Valencia Bel : 3D pollutant dispersion in a urban street canyon
  • Maria Rosaria Vetrano: Global rainbow thermometry

Diploma Course members 2000-2001:

  • Celalettin Atmaca: Numerical investigation of the transient and turbulent flow around a cylinder of square section
  • Miguel Gustavo Coussirat Nunez: Numerical Study of Turbulence Models for Impinging Gas-Jet Systems
  • Maria Grazia De Giorgi: Global rainbow thermometry applied to a flashing freon jet
  • Gábor Dezsö: Measurement of the turbulent mass flux with PTV in a street canyon
  • Alfonso Gonzalez: Experimental study of an unforced and forced subsonic free jet for aero-acoustical applications
  • Karin Hald: Study of thermal shielding by liquid sprays
  • Siv Ringstad Henriksen: Bubble dynamics in liquid cross flow
  • Martin Kueppers
  • Petr Louda: Investigation of self-similar subgrid models for LES
  • Pierre Ricco: Investigation of pressure waves generated by a high-speed train entering a gallery
  • Renato Santulli: Experimental investigation of downward gas-liquid flow in a vertical pipe

Diploma Course members 2000-2001:

  • David Bouchez: Spray coating of steel strips.
  • Olivier Ferry: Experimental study of thermalshielding by liquid film and sprays
  • Ana Garcia Sagrado: Numerical and experimental modelling of pullutant dispersion in a street canyon
  • Raimondo Giammanco: Identification of coherent structures on LES flow field
  • Panagiotis Karamertzanis: Numerical study of a falling film and water sprays for thermal shielding
  • Manuel Olim: Low velocity flow measurements around a hot sphere anemometer probe
  • Alexandros Nizamis: Experimental investigation of the aerodynamics of a train entering a confined area
  • Rahul Saxena: Investigation of the annular film hydrodynamics of a Taylor bubble rising in a vertical pipe under stagnant and cocurrent conditions
  • Piotr Siewert: Investigation of coherent structures in an acoustically excited circular air jet
  • Ivo Sladek: A study of a flow around backward facing step using large eddy simulation
  • Jeno Miklos Suda: Experimental investigation on tubulence modification by particles in shear layer flow using L-6 twin-jet wind tunnel
  • Dilek Yildiz: Influence of radial injected flow on the aeroacoustic coupling in solid propellant boosters 

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