Shaping the future: A look back at the work of doctoral students at VKI!

The von Karman Institute (VKI) PhD Symposium (12-15 March) concluded on a high note with a trip to Oostende! This inspiring event wasn't just about research – it addressed the challenges faced by all PhD students. Dr. Liesbet Boone's workshop on Imposter Syndrome provided invaluable tools to combat self-doubt and embrace our potential.

The focus then shifted to the critical field of Wind Energy & Environmental Flows research, a session brimming with innovative ideas to tackle climate challenges. The day culminated with a fascinating visit to the Coastal & Ocean Basin – a perfect way to connect research with real-world applications. A Huge Thank You to the Coast & Ocean Basin Team!

The PhD Symposium is an annual event that celebrates the research endeavors of VKI's PhD students. Each day kicked off with a keynote lecture delivered by a prominent figure in one of the three key application areas of fluid dynamics. We are deeply grateful to Dr. Grazia Lamanna, Dr. Denis Sipp, and Dr. Rosario Spataro for sharing their expertise and igniting a passion for fluid dynamics among the attendees.

The groundbreaking research undertaken by VKI's PhD students across various subfields of fluid dynamics, including Liquid Metals & Industrial Flows, Aeroacoustics, Shape Optimisation, Liquid & Solid Propulsion, Compressor and Turbine Aerodynamics & Heat Transfer, Aerothermochemistry, Aerothermodynamics, Rarefied and Plasma Flows, and Instrumentation & Measurement Techniques, paves the way for a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.