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Closed-loop Sealed Facility Myrte

Closed-loop Sealed Facility Myrte
Infrared camera

The MYRTE wind tunnel is a closed-loop sealed facility that uses a specifically designed sealing system to avoid any leakages and ensure air tightness.

Thanks to this, tests can be performed using various gases, from low pressure to an absolute pressure of 1.3 bar. The wind tunnel is driven by a 1.1 kW variable-speed motor that allows to reach velocities up to 30 m/s in the 0.25 x 0.25 m test section.

Existing test sections Backward- Facing Step (BFS), a Forced Planar Jet (FPJ) and a Turbulent Boundary Layer (TBL). The vertical orientation of the wind tunnel enables to also reproduce a Buoyant Turbulent Boundary Layer (BTBL). These test cases include heating elements that enable to investigate thermal effects, while a heat exchanger can be placed in the loop for heat extraction. The tunnel is equipped with an automatized traverse system in order to carry out probe measurements and gives the possibility of applying laser techniques and InfraRed Thermography.

CAD of the BFS test sectionCAD of the BFS test section

Traverse system used for probe measurements and sealed casingTraverse system used for probe measurements and sealed casing