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Particulate flows and separation technologies in industrial applications

Monday 10 May 2021 - Wednesday 12 May 2021

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 Particulate flows and separation technologies in industrial applications

This lecture series is part of the IPANEMA project which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 755645.

IPANEMA is a joint numerical and experimental undertaking to understand and improve the separation efficiency of inertial particle separators (IPS), which are integrated in the intake to protect turboprop engines from the ingestion of dust particles and water. The project first focuses on the numerical and experimental tools used for this type of studies and design. Based upon a complementary detailed experimental and numerical study using Large Eddy Simulation of simplified geometries, representative of the IPS and the intake, practical design tools will be developed and calibrated and integrated into an automated design chain. Subsequently, a full configuration will be studied both experimentally and numerically, in order to assess the design, investigate geometrical sensitivities and suggest geometrical optimisations.

During the course of the project, new numerical and experimental techniques were developed. Together with a detailed reference validation database on simplified geometries, these improved techniques provide a significant contribution to future scientific research on particle separators and particulate flows in general.

Within Ipanema, the role of VKI is developing measuring techniques for the experimental characterization of Inertial Particle Separators. With this regard, a new wind tunnel which includes solid particle injections and filtering systems has been developed at VKI and is now under commissioning. The experiments will make large use of PIV/PTV techniques to assess the behavior of particles with different sizes flowing through the IPS device. Furthermore, a simplified IPS has been manufactured and tested to investigate the different phenomena of the IPS particle-laden flows, providing a an experimental database which will be made available to the aero-engine community, both for validation of computational codes and to provide insights about the design of Inertial Particle Separators.

The Directors of this lecture series are Professor Tony Arts and professor Delphine Laboureur of the von Karman Institute.


In any case, the lecture series are foreseen ONLINE. If the COVID situation improves, we will organize some lectures on site.

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In any case, the lecture series are foreseen ONLINE. If the COVID situation improves, we will organize some lectures on site.