Previous Research Master Members

You can find here the list of the previous Research Master members (former Diploma Course) from 2000 until now in the Aeronautics and Aerospace Department.

Research Master Members 2016-2017:


  • Stefano Boccelli: Simulations of electron concentration in the wake of meteors and application to radio observations
    Stefano Boccelli was awarded the von Karman Prize and the Prince Alexandre of Belgium Award for the Best Presentation
  • Simon Demange: Analysis of absolute instability of a very hot jet
  • Vira Dhaliwal: Evaluation of a numerical model for an inductively coupled plasma using intrusive probes and optical emission spectroscopy    
  • Vincent Giangaspero: Development of 3D shockfitting solver for hypersonic simulations
  • Leandro Barbosa Magalhães: Design of a Mach 14 contoured nozzle for the VKI Longshot gun tunnel    
  • Quentin Plumier: IXV flight to ground duplication: an investigation on testing conditions    
  • Francisco Torres Herrador: Experimental characterization and simulation of pyrolysis phenomenon: from carbon composite ablators to Pacific Islands plant biomass
  • Willca Villafana: Development of a fluid solver for electric propulsion based on kinetic theory

Research Master Members 2015-2016:

  • Joffrey Coheur: Development of a unified model for flow-material interaction applied to porous ablators
    Joffrey Coheur has received the Excellence in Numerical Research Prize
  • Javier De Cáceres: CATE post flight data analysis
  • Pieter Dehairs: Interaction of ablation pyrolysis gases with the boundary layer in hypersonic regime
    Pieter Dehairs was awarded the Prince Alexandre of Belgium Award for the Best Presentation
  • Jean-Etienne Durand: Duplication of reacting boundary layer between hypersonic flight and Plasmatron facility
  • Luca Giulioni: Accurate modeling of the gas properties in the thermosphere under high and low solar activity conditions
  • Alejandro Rubio Carpio: Experimental investigation on shock-cell noise
    Alejandro Rubio Carpio has received the Excellence in Experimental Research Prize
  • Vassilis Stathopoulos: Simulation of the Longshot compression process and prediction of reservoir conditions
  • Diamantis Tournas: Simulation of turbulent flows around re-entry vehicles with hybrid RANS/LES models
  • Ludovico Zanus: Analysis of a compressible boundary layer  flow by means of parabolized stability calculations
    Ludovico Zanus was awarded the Belgian Government Prize
  • Florentina Luiza Zavalan: Investigation of meteor phenomenon based on Plasmatron experiments and simulations

Research Master Members 2014-2015:

  • Federico Bariselli: Development of gas-surface interaction models for DSMC methods
    Federico Bariselli has received the von Karman Prize
  • James Braun: Characterization of complex multi-physics flow in rotating detonation engines
    James Braun was awarded the Prince Alexandre of Belgium Award for the Best Presentation
  • Nicolas Coquelet: Development of beamforming techniques for the investigation of aeroacoustic applications
  • Gaylord Durand: restricted
  • Ümran Düzel: Validation of gas/surface interaction modeling in Plasmatron facility for in-flight experiment development
  • Claudia Esposito: Study of time average characterization for the free-stream plasma flow in plasmatron facility
  • Maria Gkolia: Development of testing strategy for study of ablation-transition phenomena in hypersonic regime
  • Christos Gkoudesnes: Implementation of a 3D DES solver in the COOLFluiD framework
  • Zdenĕk Ilich: Analysis of the compression process in a hypersonic gun tunnel
  • Dávid Kóti: Digital filter methods for LES turbulent inflow generation
  • Günther March: Investigation of the atmospheric characteristics in the lower thermosphere at high and low latitudes by flight data and numerical models
  • Fernando Miró Miró: Numerical study of the stability of a hypersonic boundary layer in the presence of blowing
    Fernando Miró Miró was awarded the Belgian Government Prize
  • Jean-Baptiste Parrain: Calibration of an icing wind tunnel
  • Cem Tekin: Development of a deterministic Boltzmann solver for ionized gases

Research Master Members 2013-2014:

  • Bruno Barros Dias: Simulation of the ablation of meteors
  • Georgis Bellas-Chatzigeorgis: Development of detailed chemistry models for boundary layer catalytic recombination
  • Gabriele Bonucci: Optical characterization of boundary layer transition in a hypersonic flow
  • Matteo Chiatto: Numerical study of plasma jets by means of linear stability theory
  • Francisco de Figueiredo: Numerical Investigation of two phase flow models in a pipe for space application
  • Tamás Horváth: Adjoint based goal oriented error estimation for adaptive Petrov-Galerkin finite element methods
    Tamás Horváth won the Excellence in Numerical Research Prize
  • Vilius Portapas: Analysis of SOAR spacecraft separation from Airbus A300
  • Pedro Duarte Santos: An efficient Monte-Carlo algorithm for radiation transport in coupled flow-radiation simulations for aerospace applications
  • Pablo Solano López: Plasmatron testing conditions characterizations

Research Master Members 2012-2013:

  • Clemens ADLER: Liquid fragmentation phenomena in hypersonic flows
  • Alejandro ÁLVAREZ LAGUNA: Development of a multi-fluid MHD plasma solver for space weather modeling
  • Alessio BASSO: Analysis of unsteady flow phenomena in the Longshot wind tunnel
  • Daniel GUARIGLIA: Boundary layer investigation in Plasmatron at high heat flux conditions for high speed re-entry missions
  • Carlos PÉREZ ARROYO: Numerical investigation of the effect of local heating cooling on hypersonic natural transition
  • Birte SCHMIDTMANN: Test-case studies on numerical algorithms for a macroscopic theory of gas/surface interactions finalized to hypersonic re-entry flows
  • José Pedro SOARES PINTO LEITE: Assessment of ground testing conditions for in-flight experiment development
  • Nicolas THIRY: Unsteady flow physics of inlet starting processes in a supersonic diffuser
    Nicolas Thiry has received the Belgian Government Prize
  • Vincent VAN DER HAEGEN: Development of an all-speed approximate Riemann solver applied to supersonic plasmas
    Vincent Van der Haegen has received the Prince Alexander of Belgium Award for Best Presentation

Research Master Members 2011-2012:

  • Guerric De Crombrugghe de Looringhe: Investigation of gas surface interactions in plasma wind tunnels for catalycity characterization
  • Tim Horchler: First steps towards the direct numerical simulation of a roughness-induced transition using the COOLFluid 3D-RDS code
  • Martin Kubicek: Backward uncertainty propagation for atmospheric entry flows
  • Yves Mollet: Shock-wave/supersonic boundary-layer interaction in the presence of disturbances induced by roughness and electrical discharges
  • Laura Peveroni: Static and dynamic stability of a re-entry capsule in transonic conditions
  • Alan Viladegut: Off-stagnation point testing in plasma wind tunnel for ground-to-flight extrapolation

DC Members 2010-2011:

  • Gilles Bailet: Feasibility analysis and conceptual design of an atmospheric re-entry CubeSat demonstrator
  • Vojtĕch Bĕták: Acceleration of high order residual distribution by linear algebra operators using GPGPU
  • José Pedro Garcia Galache: Uncertainty quantification for characterization of high enthalpy facilities
  • Erkan Günaydinoğlu: Surface pressure measurements in transitional hypersonic boundary layers
  • Marco Marotta: Investigation on the driving phenomena characterizing GSIs in plasmatron facility
  • Stefan Pröbsting: Compressible LES with RDS in 2D
    Stefan Pröbsting has received the Theodore von Karman Prize
  • Thorsten Scholz: Confidential report
  • Gennaro Serino: Numerical prediction of transition in hypersonic flow
  • Tamara Sopek: Study of the roughness induced transition phenomenon on a 7° half-cone model in hypersonic flow
  • Bart Van Hove: Free stream measurements and related data reduction methods for the Longshot hypersonic wind tunnel
    Bart van Hove has received the Excellence in Experimental Research Prize.
  • Zsolt Varhegyi: Trajectory analysis and preliminary mission design for QB50
  • Carlos Vergara Torralba: Passive noise control strategy for contra-rotating open rotors using surface porosity

DC Members 2009-2010:

DC Members 2008-2009:

DC Members 2007-2008:

DC Members 2006-2007:

DC Members 2005-2006:

DC Members 2004-2005:

DC Members 2003-2004:

  • ABBATE Giannandrea: Investigation on water-cooled calorimeter measurements in plasmatron facility
  • BAUMGART Johannes: Simulation of entry in the true Martian atmosphere
  • CORREIA João Gil: has attended the courses
  • DETANDT Yves: Extension of spectral/finite element code for large eddy simulations (SFELES) to axisymmetric bodies
  • FARRELL Thomas: Surface pressure measurements using pressure sensitive paints and infrared thermography
  • HAELTERMAN Robby: continued in 2004-2005
  • NIERHAUS Thomas: Model refinement and implementation of a PSPG/SUPG-stabilized finite element algorithm for incompressible laminar two-phase flow
  • MEYERS Jason: Rapid tunable diode laser system for absorption measurements near 16mm
  • SOURIS Christophe: Airfoil testing in transonic S-1 wind tunnel with slotted walls test section
  • TRAN Matthew: Investigation of transpiration cooling in a plasma stream
  • VILLEDIEU Nadège: Study of a 3rd order Residual Distributive scheme for advection-diffusion equation
  • YALIM Mehmet Sarp: Efficient object-oriented implementation of a finite volume flow solver

DC Members 2002-2003:

  • Ondrej Bartoš: Investigation of electron number density and electron temperature in plasma flow
  • James Diebel: Numerical simulation of sub- and supersonic flows in inductively coupled plasma tunnels
  • Domenico Frontoso: Acoustic influence on transition in the VKI H3 hypersonic wind tunnel
  • Andrés Garzon: Roughness induced transition for flight experiments
  • Michele Giordano: Finite element based solver for two-phase flow
  • Carla Jacobs: Implementation and testing of models for the solar wind
  • David Munday: Investigation of pressure sensitive paint for high-speed applications
  • Pilar Rodriguez Carmona: Investigation of plasmatron performance for mars entry
  • Sandy Tirtey: Inertial compensation method for an impulse facility : transfer function method
  • Denis Van Hoof: Simulation of mars entry conditions in a combined plasma - particles flow with pre-cooled samples

DC Members 2001-2002:

  • Erik Boschek: Development of a method for the simulation of stagnation point heat transfer with dust collision in CO2 plasma
  • Raphaël Capart: Development of skin friction measurement technique for high speed flow
  • Andrea Ciani: Studies of wall temperature effects on shock-wave/boundary layer interactions in hypersonic flows
  • Felipe Juan Dengra: Investigation of velocity gradient in planetary re-entry conditions simulated in the VKI plasmatron
  • Jiri Dobes: Implicit space-time method for laminar viscous flow
  • Laurent Duchene: Spectroscopic measurement in a CO2 plasma
  • Giovanni Fatigati : Extension of a 3D finite element / spectral unsteady incompressible Navier-Stokes solver for LES applications
  • Pietro Rini: Numerical simulation of aquilibrium and non equilibrium CO2 plasma flow
  • Dante Tommaso Rubino: A two-phase flow solver based on two-fluid models and conservative upwind residual distribution schemes
  • Benjamin Van Crayenest: Development of surface temperature and heat flux measurements for plasma flows
  • Thomas Wuilbaut: Implementation of transition prediction in the VKI "THOR" Navier-Stokes solver for low Reynolds number airfoils

DC Members 2000-2001:

  • Cem Ozan Asma: Transition and shock wave-boundary layer interaction in hypersonic flows
  • Colinda Francke: Experimental study of shock-wave boundary-layer interaction in the longshot wind tunnel
  • Antonio Garcia: Catalycity effects in plasmatron tests
  • Miguel Hermanns: Numerical simulation of 3D hypersonic viscous reacting flows
  • Ana Jeronimo
  • Sebastian Karl: Simulation of radiative effects in plasma flows
  • Falk Klinge: Investigation of background oriented Schlieren (BOS) towards a quantitative density measurement system
  • Andrea Milesi: Compressible MHD sover for space weather applications
  • Mario Ricchiuto: Space-time residual distribution schemes and application to unsteady two-phase flow computations on unstructured meshes  

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