Symposium of VKI Phd research 2011 - FREE REGISTRATION

Date: Tuesday 01 March 2011 to Thursday 03 March 2011

Location : von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
Contact : Chaussée de Waterloo 72, B-1640 Rhode-St-Genèse, Phone: +32 2 359 96 04, Fax: +32 2 359 96 00



From March 1- 3, 2011


A complete review of the research carried out by the large VKI Phd community is presented. Each 1st year Phd candidate has few minutes to introduce the poster of the research he/she will focus on during the rest of his/her doctorate. The 2nd year and 3rd year Phd candidates have twenty minutes to expose his/her project and the associated progress and/or results. The presentation is followed by 10 minutes of questions. Talks are organized in coherent topics that may cover fields such as plasma flows, turbine flows, multiphase flows, engine and compression flows, aero acoustical flows, residual distribution and flows, transitional flows, heat transfer flows, hazards in flows.

Attendance is free of charge. Please confirm your participation by email to the VKI secretariat: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your email should contain the following information: indicate your firstname, lastname, address, affiliation and position and mention as subject "Symposium of VKI PhD Research 2011" participation.

Tuesday 1st March 2011

  • 8:30    Jean Muylaert, VKI director
    Review of past-present-future European space projects with emphasis on Critical ATD design issues
  • 9:30 Questions to Jean Muylaert

Transition from Laminar to Turbulent Flow

  • 9:45    Davide Masutti   
    Disturbance level characterization of a hypersonic blow-down facility
  • 10:05    Question to Davide Masutti
  • 10:15    Coffee Break
  • 10:30    Fabio Pinna   
    Numerical study of transition at low and high Mach number
  • 10:50    Questions to Fabio Pinna
  • 11:00    Henny Bottini   
    Design and qualification of a supersonic wind tunnel for transition experiments
  • 11:20    Questions to Henny Bottini
  • 11:30    Jayson Babajee   
    Modelling and analysis of the laminar to turbulent transition in a low-pressure turbine
  • 11:50    Questions to Jayson Babajee

Poster session

  • 12:00    De Muelenaere Julien   
    Uncertainty Quantification for material response of ablators in hypersonic flows
  • 12:05    Guillaume Grossir  
    Prediction of natural and forced transition in hypersonic flows
  • 12:10    Bernd Helber   
    Comprehensive experimental characterization of the material response of innovative ablators for the space exploration program
  • 12:15    Lunch Buffet

Plasma Flow

  • 13:30    Francesco Panerai   
    Experimental characterization of the thermal protection system of a lifting reentry vehicle
  • 13:50    Questions to Francesco Panerai
  • 14:00    Damien Le Quang   
    Investigation of high enthalpy plasma flow by means of optical emission spectroscopy
  • 14:20    Questions to Damien Le Quang
  • 14:30    Silvania Lopes   
    Modeling of inductively coupled plasma and and nanoparticles formation
  • 14:50    Questions to Silvania Lopes
  • 15:00    Coffee Break

CFD & Modeling for re-entry Flow

  • 15:30    Khalil Bensassi   
    Numerical simulation of hypersonic flow in the longshot facility
  • 15:50    Questions to Khalil Bensassi
  • 16:00    Jesús Garicano Mena   
    Residual Distribution methods for atmospheric entry aerothermodynamics
  • 16:20    Questions to Jesús Garicano Mena
  • 16:30    Alessandro Munafo   
    Investigation of nonequilibrium effects in compressing and expanding nitrogen flows by means of a reduced ro-vibrational collisional model
  • 16:50    Questions to Alessandro Munafo
  • 17:00    Erik Torres   
    Direct simulation Monte Carlo in reentry flows
  • 17:20    Questions to Erik Torres
  • 17:30    Alessandro Sanna   
    Algorithms development for multiphysics applications
  • 17:50    Questions to Alessandro Sanna
  • 18:00    Closure of day 1

Wednesday 2nd March 2011

  • 8:30 Dominique Hocquellet, EADS - ASTRIUM
    Challenges in development of thermal protection systems
  • 9:30    Questions to Dominique Hocquellet

Flow during industrial hazard

  • 9:45    Delphine Laboureur   
    Small scale experiments of hazards
  • 10:05    Questions to Delphine Laboureur
  • 10:15    Coffee Break

Atmospheric flow

  • 10:30    Boris Conan   
    Wind potential assessment over complex terrain by physical modelling in wind-tunnel
  • 10:50    Questions to Boris Conan
  • 11:00    Domingo Munoz Esparza   
    Forecasting of offshore boundary layer conditions using high resolution WRF-PBL schemes for wind energy applications
  • 11:20    Questions to Domingo Munoz Esparza
  • 11:30    Antonino Bonanni   
    CFD simulations of atmospheric boundary layer flows over complex terrains
  • 11:50    Questions to Antonio Bonanni

Poster session

  • 12:00    Leandro Dantas de Santana   
    Innovative noise reduction techniques for airframe noise
  • 12:05    Bart Janssens   
    Disperse particle modeling in wall bounded flow
  • 12:10
  • 12:15    Lunch Buffet

Multiphase flow & Heat and Mass transfer Flow

  • 13:30    Marcos Lema   
    Experimental and numerical modelling of the priming operation in spacecraft propulsion systems
  • 13:50    Questions to Marcos Lema
  • 14:00    Evangelos Bacharoudis   
    Experimental study of droplet ejections from the wall surfaces of a sharp corner due to an external turbulent flow field
  • 14:20    Questions to Evangelios Bacharoudis
  • 14:30    Anthony Delmas   
    Shape and temperature field distorsions induced by convective effect on hot object
  • 14:50    Questions to Anthony Delmas
  • 15:00    Coffee Break
  • 15:30    Tamas Banyai   
    Development of two-phase unstructured Euler-Euler LES solver
  • 15:50    Question to Tamas Banyai


  • 16:00    Korcan Kucukcoskun   
    Application of acoustic scattering methods to low-speed fan noise
  • 16:20    Questions to Korcan Kucukcoskun
  • 16:30    Peter Toth   
    Acoustic beamforming applied to airframe noise
  • 16:50    Question to Peter Toth

CFD & Modeling for re-entry 2

  • 17:00    Stefano D'Angelo   
    Optimal error estimation techniques for Petrov-Galerkin method in linear problems
  • 17:20    Questions to Stefano D'Angelo
  • 17:30    Martin Vymazal   
    High-order RDS and p-multigrid solution algorithms for compressible flow
  • 17:50    Questions to Martin Vymazal
  • 18:00    Closure of day 2

Thursday 3rd March 2011

  • 8:30    Lorenzo Pons, TURBOMECA
    Current trends in turboengine virtual design
  • 9:30    Questions to Lorenzo Pons

Flow in turbines

  • 9:45    Bayindir H. Saracoglu   
    Turbine base pressure active control though trailing edge blowing
  • 10:05    Questions to Bayindir H. Saracoglu
  • 10:15    Coffee Break
  • 10:30    Beni Cukurel   
    Conjugate heat transfer characterization in ribbed cooling channel geometry
  • 10:50    Questions to Beni Cukurel
  • 11:00    Sergio Lavagnoli   
    Turbine blade tip clearance measurements in a short duration wind tunnel
  • 11:20    Questions to Sergio Lavagnoli
  • 11:30    Mehmet Mersinligil   
    A high temperature fast response cooled total pressure probe for measurements in combustor and turbine gas paths
  • 11:50    Questions to Mehmet Mersinligil

Poster session

  • 12:00    Jérôme Sans   
    The effect of solidity on compressor performance and stability
  • 12:05
  • 12:10
  • 12:15    Lunch Buffet

Flow in compressors

  • 13:30    Balasz Farkas   
    Numerical investigation of the secondary flows in low pressure axial compressor stage for contra-rotating turbofan architectures
  • 13:50    Questions to Balasz Farkas
  • 14:00    Van der Wyer Nicolas   
    Experimental investigation of stability and performance of a single stage axial compressor
  • 14:20    Questions to Nicolas Van der Wyer

Engine Analysis and improvements

  • 14:30    Victor Fernandez Villace   
    Numerical modeling of a combined cycle for high speed propulsion
  • 14:50    Questions to Victor Fernadez Villace
  • 15:00    Coffee Break
  • 15:30    Laura Villafane   
    Aerodynamic Characterization of Helicoidal Fin Arrays in Transonic Flow Conditions
  • 15:50    Questions to Laura Villafane

Multidisciplinary optimization in turbomachinery

  • 16:00    Benoît G. Marinus   
    Toward multidisciplinary optimization of propeller blades
  • 16:20    Questions to Benoît G. Marinus
  • 16:30    Michael Joly   
    Accelerated optimization for multi-disciplinary design of contra-rotating and transonic turbomachinery components' sled
  • 16:50    Questions to Michael Joly

Static and dynamic stability of re-entry vehicle

  • 17:00    Sebastien Paris   
    Experimental investigation of capsule stability in sub-sonic, transonic and supersonic
  • 17:20    Questions to Sebastien Paris
  • 17:30    Closure of the Symposium




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