Turbocharger Test Facility T-2

T-2The turbocharger test stand is designed to investigate the compressors of small turbochargers. The turbine is driven by compressed air heated in a combustion chamber to an adjustable temperature.

The facility is also equipped with an independent oil supply system at variable pressure. Rotational speed is controlled by an optical system, mounted on the turbine.  Maximum RPM depends on the test model.  Mass flow at the compressor inlet is measured by means of an appropriate Venturi tube.  A miniaturized probe carriage allows automatic flow traverses at the
diffuser exit.  A microcomputer-controlled acquisition system equipped with scani-valves, pressure transducers and amplifiers makes it possible to measure more than 100 temperatures and static pressures on the shroud, diffuser walls and scroll.  These measurements are available for on-line or off-line data reduction.

This facility is used for overall performance measurements and for more fundamental studies on scroll / vaneless diffuser interaction and active control of surge.


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