Low Speed Turbine Facility T-1

T-1The VKI low speed turbine T-1 is an open-loop continuously operating facility.  Air is supplied by a blower with a maximum capacity of 7 m3/s and 16 kPa pressure rise.  The test rig is specially designed to study secondary flows in low aspect ratio bladings.

The set-up allows testing of isolated stators, single-stage turbines and 1½-stage turbines.

The inner shroud upstream of the first vane can be rotated by means of an independent drive in order to produce a skewed inlet endwall boundary layer.  In the 1½-stage configuration both vanes are rotatable to allow change of their position with respect to each other.  The maximum outer diameter is 780 mm.  The power is absorbed by an electric generator.  The instrumentation includes double-headed four-hole pressure probes, slanted hot wires and a light sheet technique for flow visualization. Measurements are recorded and processed on the central data acquisition computer.


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