Low Speed Cascade Wind Tunnel C-1



The VKI low speed cascade tunnel C-1 is a continuous-flow subsonic facility with a rectangular cross section of 120 mm x 500 mm. The blower has a maximum capacity of 7 m3/s and a pressure rise of 16 kPa.  Tests are made using either compressor or turbine cascades, where each cascade may contain from 7 to 10 blades. Reynolds number may be varied from a maximum of 6 x 105 down to 5 x 104 based on a chord length of 120 mm. Two-dimensional flow conditions are obtained by removal of side wall boundary layers using a suction system that is independent of the main air supply. A blade mounted in the centre of the cascade may be equipped with pressure taps.

Flow measurements upstream and downstream of a cascade are made using two remotely actuated probe carriages.

Online data reduction of probe measurements is available by connection to a dedicated data acquisition and data reduction system which controls the sequence of the flow exploration and blade surface measurements.


Low Speed Cascade Wind Tunnel Scheme



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