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Continuous Steel Casting Simulation Facility Vulcain

VulcainVULCAIN is a water facility designed and built for the study of flows in a continuous casting process.  The facility simulates a continuous casting mould process at half-scale. Two tanks are used to represent the tundish (upper) and the mould (lower) and water is used to simulate the flow of liquid metal between these tanks.  This flow can be controlled either by a stopper rod or by a sliding gate.  The mould is of sufficient height to allow a good simulation of the flows.

The facility is built using transparent materials to allow for non-intrusive optical measurements, such as PIV or LDV. Gas injection can be made at the stopper rod or in the submerged entry nozzle. The different valves, stopper rod and sliding gates are controlled remotely, which allows full simulation of an automated process.The dimensions of the mould are 2 m in height, 1.19 m in width (maximum value) and 0.12 m in thickness. Liquid flow rate can be adjusted from zero to a value corresponding to a casting speed of 2.5 m/min.  Gas can be injected at a flow rate up to 0.05 Nm3/min.


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