Photography & Printing

This service is equipped to deal with the infographic, photographic and printing requirements typical of a modern fluid dynamics organization.

The tasks performed include photographic documentation of test set-ups, models and facilities; schlieren photographs, shadowgraphs, two-phase flow and hologram visualizations, high speed and streak photographs.  When not digital, those pictures can be scanned for further image processing and inclusion in reports.  Preservation and archiving of photographic documents related to VKI History is organized.

The service is also dedicated to pre-press, printing, and after print jobs, including duplication of CD’s. Offset films can also be flashed on the lab premises by printing on the VKI two-colour offset printer. Duplication and binding are also performed.  A computerized addressing system is used to expedite VKI documents. Printed circuit boards are flashed and prepared for chemical etching in the Electronics Laboratory.

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