Electronics Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped to deal with most of the electronic instrumentation for the measurements in fluid mechanics carried out at the VKI.  Apart from helping Diploma Course members, engineers and researchers to solve the normal day-to-day electronic problems arising in fluid dynamics laboratories, a major part of the activity is associated with research into basic problems of instrumentation.  This has resulted in the development of many new instruments and electronic devices that are essential components of the measurement systems used at the VKI.

Examples of this contribution of the electronics laboratory to the activities of the von Karman Institute are the development of hot-wire bridges, amplifiers, filters, thermocouple amplifiers, gauge amplifiers, interfaces between PC and instrumentation, control systems of test facilities, motor control.  This mission has been made possible by the acquisition of the appropriate tools such as oscilloscopes, logical analyser, function generators, and CAD tools for printed circuits, micro controllers, programmable logic devices, etc.The electronics laboratory also ensures the batch production of specific VKI instrumentation.  A library of manuals and catalogues of the main manufacturers of electronic components is constantly kept updated via the webpage of suppliers and manufacturers.

The electronics laboratory also collaborates with the computer center for the servicing of computer hardware, and the wiring of the computers network.

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