Low Speed Wind Tunnel L-2B

The L-2B facility is a low speed, open circuit wind tunnel of the suction type.  It incorporates an air inlet, fitted with honeycomb and meshes, a two-dimensional contraction, and several interchangeable test sections of 0.35 m height, 0.35 m width and various lengths from 0.9 m to 2 m.

An Eiffel-type test section designed to reduce closed section wall interference is also available, as well as a moving ground belt for testing of road vehicle models in ground effect. The axial fan at the end of a circular diffuser is driven by a 4.4 kW variable-speed DC motor, providing a maximum velocity of 35 m/s.  This facility is specially suited for Diploma Course projects and for preliminary investigations of tests to be carried out in larger facilities.

Low Speed Wind Tunnel L-2B

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