Low Speed Wind Tunnel L-2A

L-2AThe L-2A facility is a low-speed, open circuit wind tunnel of the suction type.  It incorporates an air inlet, a circular cross-section settling chamber fitted with honeycomb and meshes, and an axisymmetric 8:1 contraction faired to an octagonal test section of 0.28 m width and 1.3 m length.  A two-directional traversing mechanism is located in the test section.

The axial fan, located at the end of a 1:4 diffuser, is driven by a 9.9 kW variable-speed DC motor, providing a maximum flow velocity of 45 m/s, with a turbulence level of 0.2%. This facility is specially suited for research projects and laboratory training in turbulent boundary layers, aircraft wakes, vortex-strake interactions, three-dimensional velocity measurements and, with the addition of a smoke generator and of an air exhaust to outside, laser sheet flow visualizations.  A six-component strain gauge platform balance, of pyramidal type, with virtual center located on the tunnel axis, is also available.

Schema L-2A

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