High Speed Wind Tunnels

Mach14 Free Piston Hypersonic Wind Tunnel Longshot

LongshotThe VKI Longshot free piston tunnel is a short duration facility that can be operated with either nitrogen or carbon dioxide, and it is designed to provide the attainment of very high Reynolds number hypersonic flows.

It has a Mach 14 contoured nozzle of 0.43 m exit diameter and a 6° conical nozzle of 0.60 m exit diameter which can be used throughout the Mach number range from 14 to 20. Typical Reynolds numbers at Mach 14 range from 5 x 103 to 15 x 106/m.  A high precision incidence mechanism for pitch, roll, and yaw is mounted in the open-jet 4 m3 test section. Instrumentation includes a force/moment balance, accelerometers, thin-film and coaxial thermocouples for heat flux measurements, piezoresistive pressure transducers, and a schlieren system.  A total of 64 channels of transient recorders with a 50 kHz sampling rate are controlled by a PC.



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