Mach 6 Hypersonic Wind Tunnel H-3

Mach 6 Hypersonic Wind Tunnel H-3Mach 6 Hypersonic Wind Tunnel H-3

The VKI hypersonic tunnel H-3 is a blow-down facility with an axisymmetric nozzle giving a uniform Mach 6 free jet 12 cm in diameter. Air is supplied from a pebble-bed heater at stagnation pressures from 7 to 35 bar and a maximum stagnation temperature of 550 K.  Reynolds number may be varied from  3 x 106 to 30 x 106/m.  The test section contains a three-degree-of freedom traversing system for model and/or probe support that also allows the angle of incidence to vary between  -5 to +5 degrees.  A mechanism for rapid injection of models is available.  The tunnel is equipped with shadow and schlieren systems.
Instrumentation includes electronic pressure scanners for pressure measurements, a three-component strain gauge balance, equipment for heat transfer measurements including an infrared camera and oil-film interferometry for skin-friction measurement.

Mach 6 Hypersonic Wind Tunnel H-3 Scheme of Mach 6 Hypersonic Wind Tunnel H-3
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