High Speed Wind Tunnels

Mach 2 Supersonic Transonic Wind Tunnel S-1

S-1The VKI supersonic/transonic wind tunnel S-1 is a continuous closed circuit facility of the Ackeret type, driven by a 615 kW axial flow compressor.  Three 0.4 m x 0.36 m test sections are available: contoured nozzles with M = 2.0 and 2.25 and a slotted transonic section with variable Mach number, from 0.4 to 1.05.  A solid half nozzle with M = 1.43 is also available for shock wave/boundary layer interaction studies.  A typical unit Reynolds number is 4 x 106/m.  The test section contains a three-degree-of-freedom traversing mechanism for model and/or probe support, as well as a variable incidence mechanism (up to ± 35 degrees).

The tunnel is equipped with shadow, schlieren and LDV systems, including a three-axis traversing table. Additional instrumentation includes scani-valves for pressure distribution measurements, multi-component strain gauge balances, and a free-to-tumble mounting system for investigations of dynamic stability of aerospace vehicles.

Following a major renovation, the S-1 facility has been recommissioned in 2004 with a new semi-automated control system.

Schema S-1


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