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COOLFluiD (Computational Object-Oriented Libraries for Fluid Dynamics) is a component- based framework for scientific high-performance computing, CFD and multi-physics applications, originally developed at the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics.

COOLFluiD is a open end collaborative platform providing a powerful set of tools for:

  • solving toy or complex applications with existing numerical solvers;
  • building totally new or customized models/solvers with arbitrary data-structures;
  • easily defining reusable components (e.g. algorithms, models, BCs, wrappers);
  • building virtual prototypes and easily test new algorithms or models;
  • interfacing or coupling other libraries/solvers to tackle more complex problems;
  • large scale simulations.

The COOLFluiD platform is an open source and the code is downloadable from Github.