The VKI Scientific Advisory Committee had its annual meeting this week

The 7th Scientific Advisory Committee met this Tuesday 3rd and Friday 4th of February. Experts in the field of fluid dynamics, who represent NATO nations contributing to the funding of the Institute, deeply reviewed the achievements of the Institute of the past academic year.

The review included an assessment of the importance of VKI’s programs and activities to NATO, a review of the Institute's achievements over the past academic year and a review of plans for the following and subsequent years.

The three different departments of the VKI, namely the Aeronautics & Aerospace, Turbomachinery & Propulsion and the Environmental & Applied Fluid Dynamics Department presented projects and trends within their research fields. The VKI provides a unique environment where the scientific research promotes and facilitates cooperative international partnerships.

Furthermore, the VKI is a center of knowledge where Lecture Series on specialized topics are organized to disseminate state-of-the-art scientific knowledge among junior and mid-level specialists, scientists and engineers to meet the needs of Research Centers, Industry and NATO.

For this purpose, the VKI maintains a close relationship with the Applied Vehicle Technology (AVT) and the Systems Concepts and Integration panels. The results generated by the VKI were used in national, international and NATO projects, which support and maintain military capabilities with technical solutions for specific problems.

The Committee concluded the meeting by the statement that the VKI clearly continues to successfully complete its mission and objectives while maintaining its status as an institute providing training and research results of high quality and value to NATO.

Peter Grognard expressed its gratitude to SAC members for the huge work of assessment and reflection performed during this meeting and for useful recommendations made.