Dr. Frank Eulitz has been appointed head of the Turbomachinery and Propulsion Department

FRank Eulitz

Please join us in welcoming Prof Dr. Frank EULITZ to the Faculty of the von Karman Institute. He will be joining VKI as of next Monday November 16th, 2020.

Frank has been appointed as head of the Turbomachinery and Propulsion Department. In this function, he replaces Prof. Tony Arts.

Coming from the industry, Frank was Vice-President for Innovation & Technology of the Siemens Gas and Power New Businesses Fields group. With global dedicated teams, Frank was leading technology and digitalization driven innovation to meet the challenges of industry and utilities for clean, affordable, and reliable energy. Before, Frank had served in various engineering and technology management positions including the Siemens H-class gas turbine development and business transformation of the supply chain and product life cycle management of Siemens gas turbine, steam turbine, and generator business segments.
After graduating in Aerospace Engineering, Frank started as a research engineer at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) focusing on numerical simulation of unsteady turbomachinery flows.

Since many years, Frank is also an expert regularly involved in the von Karman Institute lecture series programmes.

Frank holds an MBA degree in general management and a Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering.

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