64th Online Diploma Ceremony

The online 64th graduation ceremony of the Research Master in Fluid Dynamics took place at the von Karman Institute this 26th of June 2020 in a very special atmosphere due to the coronavirus crisis. Everybody was connected to attend this special graduation day.

The ceremony started with Mr. Peter Grognard, Managing Director of the von Karman Institute who congratulated the graduates.

This was followed by the speech of Mr. Sven Van Loo, chair of the board of Directors. Then, his Excellency Pascal Heyman, Permanent Representative of Belgium to NATO who addressed a great speech to the students on behalf of the VKI Board of Directors. Dr. Bryan Wells, on behalf of NATO’s Science and Technology Organization, stressed the importance of VKI for the NATO countries.

A special presentation has then be done by Dr. Federico Bariselli who completed his PhD thesis this year. He presented a unique research activity at VKI: "Simulation of Meteors at High Altitudes".

His technical presentation was followed by the unique and inspiring speech of Her Royal Highness Princess Léa of Belgium. The von Karman Institute Management and the graduates were impressed and honoured by the presence of Madam Léa of Belgium.

Prof. Nicole Key from Professor of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Purdue University, USA, who succeeded the research master in 2002-2003, shared his experience at the von Karman Institute with the Graduates.

The diploma distribution started with the awards.

Her Royal Highness Princess Léa of Belgium gave the Prince Alexandre of Belgium Award for the Best Presentation to Pietro Parodi.

The remaining awards and diplomas were distributed by Mr. Sven Van Loo.

The Theodore von Karman Prize was attributed to Pietro Parodi for his project entitled: "Development of a hybrid PIC-DSMC solver for particle flow generators".

Koen Devesse was awarded the Belgian Government Prize. His project was entitled "Implementing a multi-species flow model in a hybridized discontinuous Galerkin framework".

The Excellence in Experimental Research has been given to Gonçalo Granjal Cruz for his project on "Statistical inference of experimental data for axial compressor performance assessment" , while the Excellence in Numerical Research has been given to Giuseppe Matteo Gangemi for his work on "Development of a fluid solver for air plasma sheath".

We would like to congratulate the Graduates who received their diplomas:

with honours: Enrico Anfuso, Federico Bertelli, Tommaso Carlesi, Koen Devesse, Giuseppe Matteo Gangemi, Gonçalo Granjal Cruz, Kayacan Kestel, Tobias Osswald, Pietro Parodi, Luca Sales, Simone Tamaro, Francisco Vide Coelho De Almeida
Anil Berk Atalar, Andrei Vlad Cojocea, Salih Deniz Develi, Benoît Foloppe, Vít Gabriel, Panagiotis Gallis, Nikolaos Gartaganis, Emmanuel Gillyns, Thomas Hendrickx, Yalın Kaptan, Anna Kovalcsik, André Loureiro Governo, Aysu Özden, Gülsevim Sepetci, Thanh-Son Tran, Sinem Uluocak

Alessandro Zamprotta will present his project at a later date.

Vlasios Antoniadis, Mehmet Sedat Gözlet, Efstathios Stelios, Simone Striani, Dimitra Ziontaki were also enrolled in the Research Master.

The Best Collaborative Award was given to Francisco Vide Coelho De Almeida by Prof. Claus Sieverding, Honorary Professor, in the name of the alumni association.

The dean of the VKI faculty, Prof. Jeroen van Beeck announced that the Best PhD presentation award of the Phd Symposium 2020 was attributed to David Henneaux for his work on "Towards a high-fidelity multiphase solver with application to space debris aerothermal ablation modeling"

Finally, Mr. Emmanuel Gillyns, representative of the Research Master students, gave a vote of thanks to the guests.