Successful Phase 2 of the VKI nano-satellite Qarman Deployment

This Tuesday 24th of March, the AeroSDS panels of the nano-satellite Qarman have correctly deployed, right on time, as foreseen. VKI has the confirmation that they positioned correctly because the solar panels which were formerly obscured are now receiving plenty of sunlight.

With the panels open, Qarman will stabilize itself prior to re-entry.

The QARMAN team is also very happy to report that QARMAN received, acknowledged, and executed commands sent from the VKI ground station.

Next step: re-entry phase around end of August!

ESA is supporting Qarman through the "Fly" element of its long-running General Support Technology Programme, providing early flight opportunities to promising technologies.

We thank the Belgian radio amateurs from Belgium and the world, who relay the data they receive from QARMAN and share their expertise since the beginning of the mission.