von Karman Institute Test Laboratory : Shakespeare accredited by BELAC

BELAC TEST 642The SHAKESPEARE facility (SHaking Aparatus for Kinetic Experiments of Sloshing Projects with EArthquake REproduction )is following the ISO17025 standard for seismic testing following IEC 60068-3-3: Environmental testing – Part 3: Guidance – Seismic test methods for equipment. The test laborary recently received the accreditation certificated N° 642 - TEST from the accreditation board, BELAC.

Tests of component are performed using 6 homemade accelerometers and one PCB356B18. The SHAKESPEARE can reproduce sine beats, sine sweeps and accelerograms that follow the IEC 60068-3-3 standards, or following any specified frequency spectrum ranging in the [0-1] g amplitude and with the majority of the frequency content in the [0-10] Hz frequency range.