Miguel Mendez and Alessia Simonini received the prestigious award 2019 from the Solvay company

Two VKI Phd Graduated in 2018 have been distinguished for their PhD works and received this prestigious award from the Solvay Company: Miguel Mendez (currently assistant professor at VKI) and Alessia Simonini (currently research engineer at VKI). They were evaluated on their ability to summarize and communicate to making main scientific messages intelligible by non-specialists. Furthermore, the candidates were invited to present their own view on the potential contribution of their work to society, contributing to the great advancement of humankind for a better future. Congratulations to our 2 laureates!

Solvay Award 2018

Organized together with the Solvay Institutes for Physics and Chemistry, the 2019 Solvay Awards ceremony took place on 20 October to celebrate students' talent and expertise, their specialties, and distinguished academic career for ground-breaking research in chemistry or physics. An inspiring program also offered guests with the opportunity to attend Nobel Prize Laureates' lectures.