5 FRIA doctoral fellowships granted by FNRS to VKI PhD candidates in December 2019

We are pleased to announce that doctoral fellowships have been granted by the board of trustees of the FRIA on 5th of December 2019 to 5 PhD candidates enrolled in the VKI PhD program.

FRIA stands for "Fonds pour la formation à la Recherche dans l'Industrie et dans l'Agriculture" and is managed by FNRS (Belgian Scientific Research Foundation for the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles).

The candidates who obtained the FRIA 1st grants are:

- Matilde Fiore (supervisors Prof. Jeroen van Beeck and Dr. Lilla Koloszár & UCL supervisor: Prof. Yann Bartosiewicz): Thermal turbulence modelling of low Prandtl number flows via data analysis and machine learning

- David Henneaux (VKI supervisor Prof. Thierry Magin & UCL supervisor: Prof. Philippe Prof. Chatelain): Development of high-fidelity numerical methods for the simulation of the aerothermal ablation of space debris during atmospheric entry

- Fabio Pino (VKI supervisor Prof. Miguel Mendez & ULB supervisor Prof. Benoît Scheid): Feedback Control of Liquid Metal Coatings

- Riccardo Toracchio (VKI supervisor Prof. Fabrizio Fontaneto & ULG supervisor Prof. Koen Hillewaert): Performance and stability analysis of a highly-loaded low pressure compressor under distorted inflow conditions

- Luca Zampini (VKI supervisors Profs. Tom Verstraete and Sergio Lavagnoli & UMons Prof. Gregory Coussement): One-shot and Multigrid Acceleration for Industrial Shape Optimization