Joint VKI - Waseda meeting: Cryogenics for space applications

Waseda University - VKI Joint meeting

From 8 to 12 December the von Karman Institute had the pleasure to welcome professor Tetsuya Sato and his students from the Waseda University in Tokyo for a joint meeting about cryogenics for space applications. The level and diversity of presentations were outstanding. The event ended by a tour of the VKI facilities.
The presentations are detailed below:

  • Development study of the Precooled Turbojet Engine
    Tetsuya Sato (Waseda University)

  • Implementation and validation of turbulent combustion model in FaSTAR
    Himeko Yamamoto (Waseda University)

  • Capacitance Based Void Fraction Measurement Technique for Cryogenic Two Phase Flow in Rectangle Tube
    Yuki Sakamoto (Waseda University)

  • Temperature Drift on a Capacitance Type Void Fraction Sensor for Cryogenic Two-Phase Flow
    Shohei Tane (Waseda University)

  • Direct Quality Measurement Method for Gas-liquid Two-phase Flow by Homogenization
    Kazuma Minote (Waseda University)

  • Optimization Design of Helical Electrodes for a Capacitance Void Fraction Sensor
    Yo Nakajima (Waseda University)

  • Numerical simulation of gas-liquid two-phase flow by moving particle semi-implicit (MPS) method
    Atsuhiro Furuichi (Waseda University)

  • Overview of Cryogenic activities at VKI
    Maria Rosaria Vetrano (von Karman Institute)

  • Multiphase fluid hammer with cryogenic fluids: experiments and simulations
    Jean-Baptiste Gouriet (von Karman Institute)

  • Cryogenic two phase flow characterization
    Laura Peveroni (von Karman Institute)

  • Sloshing characterisation by non intrusive measurement techniques
    Maria Rosaria Vetrano (von Karman Institute)



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