60th Graduation Ceremony

The 60th graduation ceremony of the Research Master in Fluid Dynamics took place at the von Karman Institute this 1st of July 2016.

The ceremony started with Dr. Jean Muylaert and its introductory remarks and report on the current academic year. This was followed by the speech of Professor Jean-Jacques Dordain, chairman of the VKI Board of Directors who congratulated the graduates on behalf of the VKI Board of Directors. Then Major General Albert Husniaux, on behalf of NATO’s Science and Technology Organization, stressed the importance of VKI for the NATO countries. Prof. Fernando López Peña, Professor at the Universidade da Coruña in Spain, shared his experience at the von Karman Institute with the Graduates.

The director had then the pleasure to announce that:

The Theodore von Karman Prize was attributed to Nicolas Coudou with his project entitled: "Wind turbine / farm wake(s) meandering study in an ABL wind tunnel".

Lőrinc Németh and Ludovico Zanus were awarded the Belgian Government Prize. Their projects were respectively entitled "Modeling and numerical analysis of chill down phenomena" and "Analysis of a compressible boundary layer  flow by means of parabolized stability calculations"

The Prince Alexandre of Belgium Award for the Best Presentation given by Prof. Jean-Jacques Dordain on behalf of Princess Léa de Belgique was attributed to Pieter Dehairs with a project on "Interaction of ablation pyrolysis gases with the boundary layer in hypersonic regime".

The Excellence in Experimental Research has been given to Alejandro Rubio Carpio (Experimental investigation on shock-cell noise), while the Excellence in Numerical Research has been given to Joffrey Coheur and Maximilian Hansinger with respectively a project on "Development of a unified model for flow-material interaction applied to porous ablators" and "Numerical simulation of cryogenic fluid in simplified space propulsion reservoir".

We would like to congratulate the Graduates who received their diplomas:

with honours: Mauro Michele Campagna, Arnaud Châtel, Joffrey Coheur, Nicolas Coudou, Pieter Dehairs, Jean-Etienne Durand, Ruzbeh Hadavandi, Maximilian Hansinger, Jean-Benoît Mandon, Lőrinc  Németh, Alfonso Paci, Sara Porchetta, Alejandro Rubio Carpio, Maria Teresa Scelzo and Ludovico Zanus.

Javier De Cáceres, Maxime de Pret Roose de Calesberg, Uğurtan Demirtaş, Tânia Sofia Cação Ferreira, Luca Giulioni, Diego Marco García, Özge Sinem Özçakmak , Zoltán  Petró, Koray Sevinç, Vassilis Stathopoulos, Diamantis Tournas and Florentina Luiza Zavalan.

Nicolas Bouanati will present his project later in July.

After the announcement of the special prizes and the distribution of the diploma, Prof. Mario Carbonaro, vice-president for Europe of the VKI Alumni Association addressed to the Graduates and attributed the Best Collaboration Award to Maria Teresa Scelzo. His speech was followed by the presentation by Herman Deconinck, dean of the VKI faculty, of the doctoral members who have completed their theses during this academic year. His presentation has been followed by the attribution of the Best PhD presentation award to Miguel Alfonso Mendez By Prof. Mario Carbonaro.

Finally, Mr. Joffrey Coheur, members of the Research Master program, gave a vote of thanks to the guests.

Prof. Jean-Jacques Dordain
Prof. Jean-Jacques Dordain
General Albert Husniaux
General Albert Husniaux

Prof. Fernando Lopez Peña
Prof. Fernando López Peña


Prof. J.-J. Dordain and Mr. Nicolas Coudou
Prof. J.-J. Dordain and Mr. Nicolas Coudou
Prof. J.-J. Dordain and Mr. Ludovico Zanus
Prof. J.-J. Dordain and Mr. Ludovico Zanus

Prof. J.-J. Dordain and Mr. Lorinc Nemeth
Prof. J.-J. Dordain and Mr. Lőrinc  Németh


Mr. Pieter Dehairs
Prof. J.-J. Dordain and Mr. Pieter Dehairs
 Alejandro Rubio Carpo
Prof. J.-J. Dordain and Mr. Alejandro Rubio Carpo

 Joffrey Coheur
Prof. J.-J. Dordain and Mr.Joffrey Coheur


 Maximilian Hansinger
   Prof. J.-J. Dordain and Mr. Maximilian Hansinger
Graduation Ceremony 2016
Graduation Ceremony 2016
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