The Wind Egg Tour

The artistic tour of the VKi wind tunnels, The Wind Egg, is talking place to today 4 May at VKI.
This one-day event is the culmination of three years of Haseeb Ahmed’s research at the Von Karman Institute for his PhD in Practice-Based Arts.

This artwork uses tools and techniques from fluid dynamics to conduct is a person interpretation of the Wind Egg, a proto-scientific theory predicated on the reproduction of animals and humans with the wind.

The day will consist of guided tours across selected VKI facilities including the ground-control station, the L2B, L1, and L7 wind tunnels. Moving from one space to the other, the spectator will experience the topic of the Wind Egg theory through sculptures, a theatrical performance with live actors and animals, a video projection, flow visualization, and experimental aero-acoustic music. Directly inspired by the artistic breakthroughs of the experimental historical avant-gardes, this art event does not rely on classical concepts of wonder, beauty, and aesthetics. Instead the spectator will come into contact with alternative ways of understanding science and technology in an otherwise familiar context through art.

This is the first part of an unfolding trilogy; the second episode, Wird, will be at Harlan Levey Projects in Brussels in September 8, 2016.




Experimental aero-acoustic music in the wind tunnel L-1

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