New wind tunnel operating with a Helium-Xenon gas mixture

New wind tunnelA new wind tunnel at the von Karman Institute was filled on April 12th with a mixture of Helium and Xenon to study heat transfer at low Prandtl number (Pr=0.2). The use of a mixture of noble gases in a wind tunnel makes this facility unique, providing an important step towards the understanding of thermal turbulence in low Prandtl fluids.

The wind tunnel is a closed-loop sealed facility. The gas mixture is driven by an axial fan with a maximum velocity of 30 m/s in the test section. The wind tunnel can operate from low pressure to an absolute pressure of 1.3 bar.

Advanced measurements of turbulent heat transfer are now performed to validate turbulence models developed to predict the thermal-hydraulic behavior of liquid metals.
This research is performed in the frame of the MYRTE European H2020 project.

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