HERA Master's Thesis Award 2017 has been attributed to Charles Snyers and Pierrick Igot

C. Snyers & P. Igot in VKI L-1 Wind tunnel The HERA Master's Thesis Award - Sustainable Design 2017 has been attributed to Charles Snyers and Pierrick Igot for their master thesis on "Design and test of a 3D-printed horizontal axis wind turbine" defended in 2016 at the Louvain School of Engineering.

To design and build a 3D-printed mini wind turbine in your garden: it's technical possible and energy-efficient.

Charles Snyders and Pierrick Igot demonstrated that the 3D-printing technique is today efficient to design a functional prototype of a complex machine, namely a horizontal axis wind turbine.

This prototype, equipped by two sets of different length blades (70 and 100 cm) was tested with success in the the biggest low speed wind tunnel of Belgium at the von Karman Institute (Sint-Genesius-Rode).

More information about this master thesis is available on the HERA website (Higher Education and Research Awards for Future Generation).

A video is also available on YouTube.

Charles Snyers and Pierrick Igot and their prototype tested in the VKI L-1 wind tunnel

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