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Water Spray Facility WS-1

Water Spray facility WS-1

The Water-Spray facility is designed for testing industrial nozzles and for the general study of liquid sprays that are generated by pneumatic and pressure nozzles. It is equipped with a pump capable of delivering spray flow rates up to 1 dm3/s at a pressure of 8 bar, with metering of both flow rate and feed pressure, into a 3 m by 4 m collecting pool.  Either a single nozzle or an array of nozzles can be tested.

The facility allows real-time measurement of velocity and droplet size in sprays of up to 2 m in height by means of a phase Doppler anemometer and determination of the liquid mass flux mapping by means of calibrated tubes.  The facility is also equipped with a set of gas burners and vertical flat plates, which are instrumented with thermocouples and radiometers, to simulate thermal shielding by a water curtain.

Scheme of Water Spray facility WS-1