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Cetim, a technical institute for mechanics and VKI, the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, set up Ledith, a laboratory for two-phase flows and hydraulic technologies.

This joint laboratory combines the know-how of VKI located in Rhode-Saint-Genèse (near Brussels) and Cetim based in Nantes. It is dedicated to innovation and research in the field of fluid mechanics, while serving numerous industry sectors: nuclear energy, chemical installations (cooling systems, heat pumps, polymerisation reactors), cryogenics, aeronautics and space. The regulation of two-phase flows (liquid and gas), a specialty of the laboratory, plays a key role in safety. Safety and regulation valves are common in pumping systems, heat exchangers, cooling towers and nuclear reactors. The goal is to understand and manage cavitation phenomena and the combination of vertical and horizontal flows, especially when there is a change of direction.

The BECASSINE facility, allows to investigate flow characteristics of different test sections, covering both single phase and cavitating flow conditions. The flow rate and operating pressure is controlled with a variable speed motor connected to the pump. Temperature of water is recorded in the calming reservoirs. It can be used to characterize valves and orifices; visualizations are possible if the valve to be tested is transparent.

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