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Low Speed Single-Stage Compressor Facility R-1

Low Speed Single-Stage Compressor R-1
Low Speed Single-Stage Compressor R-1

The VKI low-speed, single-stage compressor R-1 is used to study the behaviour of fluids in compressors and the effect of this behaviour on compressor operation and performance. The compressor has a rotor tip diameter of 700 mm with blades of 75 mm height.

The inlet and exhaust of the facility are atmospheric. The R-1 facility includes provision for measurement of pressure and velocity on the rotating rotor during full operation. Instantaneous pressures are measured using Kulite pressure transducers. Both velocity magnitude and direction near the blade surface are detected using thermal tuft, hot wire and V-shaped hot wire probes. Triple hot wire probes allow investigation of the velocity field in both absolute and relative frames of reference. Signals from these sensors are passed through a set of mercury slip rings to hot wire bridges.

When used in conjunction with measurements from stationary probes, rotating frame of reference measurements provide extensive information concerning mean and unsteady flow phenomena which occur during compressor operation.


Low Speed Single-Stage Compressor R-1
Scheme of R-1 Facility