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High Speed Cascade Wind Tunnel C-3

High Speed Cascade C-3


The high speed cascade tunnel C-3 is a blow-down facility with discharge to atmosphere and maximum exit Mach numbers up to M2 = 2.0.

Standard test section dimensions are 100 mm x 250 mm. Maximum test time is about 10 minutes for this configuration. Larger test sections with dimensions up to 200 mm x 400 mm can also be used.

The inlet angle can be changed continuously by rotating the test section.  The standard measurement  equipment includes a schlieren system for flow visualizations, a 16-channel pressure scanner for blade surface measurements and remotely controlled probe traversing systems with traversing speeds up to 500 mm/s.

Steady state data are recorded and processed on-line on a dedicated PC.  An 8-channel high speed DAS with a sampling frequency of 1 Mhz is available for unsteady measurements.

Holographic interferometry and PIV techniques are used as well.

High Speed Cascade C-3