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Jet Aeroacoustic Facility for Aeronautical and Aerospace Research JAFAAR

The JAFAAR facility has been designed to meet the requirements of low-to-mid TRL aeroacoustic research for aeronautical and aerospace applications. The aeronautical applications concern mainly jet noise. The aerospace applications include launcher payload fairing transparency.

Operated using the 40 bar pressure network of VKI, the facility permits jet noise studies up to Mach 2, in single or a coaxial jet configurations with an outlet diameter of the order of 0.05 m. The flow is quietened by means of a silencer, and the jet discharges in an anechoic room with dimensions (4 x 3 x 4) m3 and with a cut-off frequency of 200 Hz.

The facility can also accomodate a free-jet test section with side-plates for basic airframe noise research. In that case, the rectangular test section can host airfoils with 0.2 m span and incoming flow velocities up to Mach 0.1.

Aerodynamic measurements include total-static pressure probes, hot wire anemometry, Laser Doppler Velocimetry, Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry, schlieren and shadowgraph. Acoustic measurements can be performed by means of free-field microphones, acoustic beamforming (using a 64-microphones antenna and a Generalized Inverse Beamforming in-house algorithm) and wall pressure measurements with electret microphones and fast pressure probes.