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    Aerodynamics and Aeronautics
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Aerodynamics and Aeronautics

Aerodynamics and Aeronautics

- Vehicle aerodynamics
- Dynamic stability
- Airfoil flow stability
- In-air capturing device
- (De-) Icing on slats

H2020 CHOPIN: Coatings with hydrophobic and/or omniphobic properties against insect contamination

H2020 FALCon: Formation flight for in-Air Launcher 1st stage Capturing demonstration

Research on ice accretion on aircraft and wind turbine leading edges continues at VKI since the modification of the Cold Wind Tunnel CWT-1 to an icing wind tunnel. A new ice detection technique has been developed, and a patent-request has been submitted. Fundamental deicing studies are performed in collaboration with SONACA and ONERA. The transfer of this technology to wind turbine blades is the objective of one Romanian Ph.D candidate.

Research Manager

Dean, Head of Department, Professor in the Environmental and Applied Fluid Dynamics Department