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    Compressor Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer
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Compressor Aerodynamics & Heat Transfer

- Compressors - Boosters
- Intakes
- Combustor / HP interaction
- Internal flows / cooling (aero-industrial)

The LEMCOTEC FP7 project, investigating the scaling effect on state-of-art HP compressors technology, was completed by the end of 2019. In order to exploit as much as possible the extensive generated database and the revamped R-4 facility, two follow-up projects have been activated during 2018. The first project, in collaboration with Safran Aircraft Engines, aims at providing time-resolved measurements of the LEMCOTEC stages. These measurements will contribute to the understanding of the loss generation mechanism and will provide extra information for the structural design of the machines. Last but not least, they will allow a detailed characterization of the stall inception and post-stall behaviour. The second project, in collaboration with Safran Aircraft Engines and Ecole Centrale Lyon, aims at analysing the impact of compressors hub cavities on the stability of modern high pressure compressors. The project foreseen both a numerical and an experimental investigation and it is carried out by a PhD student enrolled through a CIFRE fellowship.

Bayındır H. Saracoğlu

Research Manager

Fabrizio Fontaneto

Professor in the Turbomachinery and Propulsion Department