von Karman Institute Lecture Series and Events

EPHyc 2024 - European PhD Hydrogen Conference

Wednesday 20 March 2024 - Friday 22 March 2024


Why this conference?

Hydrogen is, and will remain, a hot topic in R&D, both in the academic and the industrial world. There are already many conferences dedicated to hydrogen, often primarily offering a platform to more mature researchers. None of those are tailored specifically to PhD researchers ànd also organized on a European level. 

But, we are convinced that PhD-focused conferences can provide a nurturing environment for early-stage researchers to grow, learn and establish their academic presence.

So the idea for EPHyC was born: let's organize a PhD conference offering a platform for EU-based networking, learning and skills development attuned to their needs and stages of research, from just starting researchers to those almost defending their thesis. EPHyC, with mainly PhD presenting their topics to each other, will offer many opportunities for feedback, collaboration options, discovering potential interdisciplinary connections and research motivation.

The conference is organized by PhDs for PhDs, we know you because we are you!

And the best part? To make the threshold as low as possible, the conference is free of charge for all participants!

For more information and registration, visit the website:

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