von Karman Institute Lecture Series and Events

Online / On-site - Introduction to Quantum Computing in Fluid Dynamics - STO-AVT-377

Monday 09 May 2022 - Friday 13 May 2022

VKI Secretariat, Phone: +32 2 359 96 04


This lecture series is co-organized by the NATO Collaboration Support Office and the von Karman institute for Fluid Dynamics and supported by the Science & Technology Organization.


The mission of STO is to conduct and promote co-operative research and information exchange. STO consists of a three level organization: the Science and Technology Board (STB), the Panels and the Technical Teams. The Systems Concepts and Integration (SCI) Panel is one of the seven Panels under the STB.


Get introduced to the emerging field of quantum computing in fluid dynamics

Learn the state-of-the art of computational methods and software libraries for application of QC to simulation in fluid dynamics and multi-disciplinary optimization

Network and initiate partnerships on international scale

Preliminary Program

This lecture series will review the following emerging fields:
- Quantum Computing HW and Systems: current and emerging horizons
- Overview of Quantum algorithms for Fluid Dynamics
- Lattice gas and Boltzmann methods
- Quantum accelerated Monte-Carlo methods
- Numerical simulation of the Quantum Navier-Stokes algorithm
- Hands-on exercises with selected quantum algorithms
- Outlook by Quantum Computing OEM and Panel Discussion on future perspectives

Lecturers are Quantum experts from Industry and Research from USA, France, UK, Netherlands, Belgium:


Mr. Sachin Satish Bharadwaj, PhD Candidate & Research Assistant, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of New York, USA;

Prof. Giuseppe Di Molfetta, Lecturer in the Informatics and Interactions department, Université Aix-Marseille, France

Dr. Frank Gaitan, Research physicist, Laboratory for Physical Sciences; University of Maryland, USA;

Dr. Steven Herbert, Head of Quantum Algorithms at Cambridge Quantum, and Lecturer in Quantum Computing at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom;

Prof. Matthias Möller, Department of Applied Mathematics section Numerical Analysis, TU Delft, The Netherlands;

Prof. Pierre Sagaut, Head of Laboratory M2P2, Université Aix-Marseille, France;

Prof. Katepalli Sreenivasan, NYU Tandon School of Engineering - Polytechnic Institute, USA;

Dr. Rene Steijl, Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering (Aerospace Sciences), School of Engineering, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom.

This lecture series is co-organized by Prof. Frank Eulitz and Dr. Wim Munters from the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Belgium.

Prof. Frank Eulitz

Prof. Frank Eulitz, lecture series director

Dr. Wim Munters

Dr. Wim Munters, lecture series director

Mr. Sachin Satish Bharadwaj

Mr. Sachin Satish Bharadwaj

Prof. Giuseppe Di Molfetta

Prof. Giuseppe Di Molfetta

Dr. Frank Gaitan

Dr. Frank Gaitan

Dr. Steven Herbert

Dr. Steven Herbert

Prof. Matthias Möller

Prof. Matthias Möller

AProf. Pierre Sagaut

Prof. Pierre Sagaut

Prof. Katepalli Sreenivasan

Prof. Katepalli Sreenivasan

Dr. Rene Steijl

Dr. Rene Steijl


Online and on-site

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