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T. Arts Tony Arts, Professor, Head of the Turbomachinery and Propulsion Department

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  • Docteur en Sciences Appliquées (PhD), Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, 1982
  • Post-Graduate Diploma Course, von Karman Institute, Belgium, 1979
  • Ingénieur Civil Mécanicien, Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), Belgium, 1978


2008 - 2012: Special appointment to Graduate Faculty at Purdue University, USA

2005 - present: Full Professor, von Karman Institute, Belgium

2003 - present: Head of the Turbomachinery and Propulsion Department, von Karman Institute, Belgium

1999 - present: Chargé de cours invité (Invited Associate Professor), University of Louvain, Belgium

1994 - 2005: Professor, von Karman Institute

1988 - 1993: Associate Professor, von Karman Institute

1982 - 1987: Assistant Professor, von Karman Institute

1980 - 1981: Military service, research assistant, Royal Military Academy, Belgium



  • ASME Member since 1996
  • Dr. Ernst Zimmerman Memorial Award 1986
  • Member at Large, NATO STO/CSO, Applied Vehicle Technology Panel
  • International Committee member Japanese Gas Turbine Society
  • ASME IGTI Gasturbine conference 2008, Heat transfer Committee “Best Paper award”
  • Observer, Board of Directors, CENAERO Belgium
    • International Committee member Japanese Gas Turbine Society
    • Arthur Charles Main Prize 2011 (Institution of Mechanical Engineers – United Kingdom)




  • Associate Editor Journal of Turbomachinery (2003 – 2011)
  • Reviewer for ASME, ImechE, Euroturbo, EUCASS, Eurotherm and others
  • EU expert: evaluations for FP5, FP6
  • IWT (B) expert: evaluation for industrial projects and PhD fellowships
  • Electoral Board member at University of Oxford (UK), University of Cambridge (UK), Ecole Centrale de Lyon (F)

Organizer and chairman of sessions on:

  • Review and session organisor/chairman European Turbomachinery Conference (1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013)
  • Session organisor/chairman ASME-IGTI
  • Session organisor at EUCASS (2013)
  • Co-chairman Eurotherm seminar (2013)



  • Turbomachines (MECA 2780) (University of Louvain)
  • Measurement techniques (part of 2.5 ECTS)
  • Flow in turbomachines (part of 8 ECTS)
  • Advanced course in turbines (part of 4.5 ECTS)
  • Boundary layers and heat transfer in turbomachines (part of 8 ECTS)


  • Commissariat à l’Energy Atomique, Cadarache, France, “Design of compressors and turbines”, June 31-July 4, 2003
  • ASME Lecture Series on “Aerodynamics of Film Cooling”, IGTI Conference 2009 and 2010


  • Seminaries at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (invited by Ch. Mc Arthur)
  • Seminaries at Texas University at Austin (invited by Prof. Mike Crawford)
  • Seminaries at Mitsubishi, Kawasaki, IHI, Mitsui, Toshiba
  • National Aerospace Laboratory, Japan (Dr Yoshida)
  • Seminaries at ETH Zurich
  • Seminaries at ECL – Lyon
  • Seminaries at Université de Madrid (invited by Prof. Jimenez) and ITP (Wind tunnel review)
  • Seminaries at Louvain La Neuve (invited by Profs. Bolle, Wauters & Martin)
  • Experimental determination of the aero-thermal performance of high pressure gas turbine blades. Keynote Lecture, International Symposium on Heat Transfer in Gas Turbine Systems, Antalya, Turkey, August 2009
  • Aerothermal Rotor/Stator Interaction, at Colloquium Unsteady Flows in Turbomachinery, Berlin University of Technology, Berlin, Germany, January 28, 2005
  • Séminaire Miltos Papalexandris’ at Louvain La Neuve, Novembre 2005
  • Seminaries at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Osaka, Technology Research Center, KHI, Osaka, Astronautics & Aeronautics Department, Students seminar, Tokyo
  • University, Astronautics & Aeronautics Department, Faculty seminar, Tokyo University
  • Giornata Nazionale di Studio MIS-MAC IX, Metodi di Sperimentazione nelle Macchine, 24 March 2006 – Universita di Trieste – Italy
  • Internal Cooling Channels, University of Stuttgart – Germany (Prof. B. Weigand), 10 April 2006)
  • Les techniques de mesure en laboratoire – Les projets européens TATEF & TATEF2. Centre de Compétences Métier Thermique (CCMT) – Journée « Mesures Aérothermiques » du 16 juin 2006, Amphi St Exupéry – Snecma – Site de Villaroche – France
  • High speed, low Reynolds number flows in the turbine cascade T106C, Workshop on LES, Transition modeling and Turbulent combustion, Belgian ERCOFTAC Pilot Center Annual Meeting
  • Gent, Belgium, November 29-30, 2007
  • Recent research on aero-thermal performance of gas turbine blades, EU AeroChina2 Workshop, Brussels, Belgium, September 2009
  • Heat Transfer Measurements, 2nd EUREKA International Symposium on Environmental Testing Engineering "Towards an information exchange between Academy and Industry", Royal Military Academy, Brussels, Belgium, November 2009
  • Experimental determination of the aero-thermal performance of high pressure gas turbine blades, Symposium – University of Florence – 29 April 2011
  • Recent research on aero-thermal performance of gas turbine blades, Second Aircraft Engine World China Summit 2012, Shanghai, China, October 18-19, 2012



  • High speed turbine aero-thermodynamics (blades and endwalls)
  • Heat transfer on endwalls and blades
  • Aerodynamic and broadband noise measurements in an industrial fan
  • Unsteady transition in LP turbines – roughness effects and compressor aerodynamics
  • Advanced actuators and control systems
  • Tip heat transfer, tip flows
  • Shaped holes film cooling
  • Internal cooling (heat transfer and aerodynamics)


  • Numerical research on 2D and 3D inviscid and 2D viscous flows in turbomachines
  • Experimental and numerical research on aerodynamics and heat transfer of transonic, cooled HP turbines
  • Fundamental research on turbulence and boundary layer stability and transition
  • Experimental research on jet/mainstream interaction
  • Development of fast response instrumentation (temperature, heat flux and pressure)
  • Design of wind tunnels
  • Experimental and numerical research on the aerodynamics and heat transfer in internal cooling passages
  • Experimental research on unsteady LP turbine aerodynamics
  • Experimental research on compressors


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