6th Space Dinner: Space debris, curse or opportunity?

Date: Friday 09 March 2018 to Friday 09 March 2018

Location : Planetarium, Brussels
Contact : Registration closed


BeSpaceThe theme of this year’s Space Dinner organized by BeSpace this 9th March 2018 is Space debris: curse or opportunity? The following three speakers will approach this topic from their own angle:



  • Tiago Soares
    Clean Space Systems Engineer – European Space Agency
    Clean Space: Guaranteeing the future of space activities by protecting the environment

  • Thierry Magin
    Associate Professor – von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
    Space debris mitigation, research challenges for aerothermodynamics - see the presentation of Thierry Magin

  • Philip De Man
    Senior Researcher in Space Law – KU Leuven
    Cars in space and the legal regime of space debris

More info: http://be-space.eu/6th-space-dinner-09-03-2018-planetarium-brussels/


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