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Calibration Equipment

The VKI-Instrumentation service owns calibration equipment constantly calibrated against national standards by certified laboratories.

Total pressure and/r total temperature probes Rakes of combined total pressure / total temperature ventilated Kiel probes

Shock tube facility

  • 8 [m] long
  • 3 measurement stations
  • Up to 2 [bar] pressure steps
  • Services:
    • Calibration of fast response total pressure probe
    • Calibration of flush mounted sensors
Pressure sensors calibration full series of Druck calibrators from 2.5 [mbar] up to 20 [bar]

Pressure sensors calibration

Full series of Druck calibrators from 2.5 [mbar] up to 20 [bar]
High speed calibration nozzle C4

High speed calibration nozzle C4

  • 50 [mm] nozzle diameter
  • 75 contraction ratio
  • Stabilized Mach range: from 0.1 to 1
  • 36 [KW] PID controlled heater
  • 2 axis traversing system
  • Services: Angular calibration of directional probes
    • Calibration of hot-wire probes
    • Calibration of total pressure / total temperature probes