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Conception and Development of Measurement Techniques

Since 65 years, the VKI-Instrumentation service conceives and develops measurement techniques to answer the demanding needs of research and industry.
Our research engineers and faculty members can identify the most suitable technique for any application and drive the choice towards the best solution according to:
  • Required quality of the measurements
  • Development cost
  • Integration with measurement environment
  • Required measurement uncertainty
Cooled fast-response pressure probe
Cooled fast-response pressure probe

Some Examples

25 years of PIV at VKI

PHD Thesis of Roland Meynart: Mesure de champs de vitesse d├ęcoulements fluides par analyse de suites d'images obtenues par diffusion d'un feuillet lumineux, ULB, octobre 1983, VKI PHDT 1983-02: