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ENODISE Aircraft Design Competition

The ENODISE Consortium is launching a Master Students Competition for the preliminary design of disruptive low-noise and low-emissions aircraft.

Registration from 01/04/23 to 31/10/23

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28th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference

The 28th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference will take place in Southampton on 14-17 June 2022. The ENODISE participants submitted 7 papers on the latest project outcomes. Watch this space for updates on ENODISE’s presence at the AIAA/CEAS Conference.

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Multi-rotor systems involve complex aerodynamic and acoustic interactions. Hovering in close proximity of the ground makes the three-dimensional unsteady flows even more complicated, affecting the stability of the vehicle and causing important noise emissions. TUD and NLR are investigating these mechanisms by means of time-resolved tomographic PIV, made possible by the use of Helium-Filled Soap Bubbles as seeding particles


Press Release 10 July 2020
Close collaboration between three H2020 European projects to reduce aircraft noise emissions

More than 4 million people in the EU are exposed to aviation noise levels in the vicinity of airports! In order to increase the efficiency of their research, the coordinators of three European projects have decided to join their efforts: ENODISE (ENabling Optimized DISruptivE Airframe-propulsion integration concepts) coordinated by the von Karman Institute, DJINN (Decrease Jet-Installation Noise) coordinated by CFD SOFTWARE MBH, and INVENTOR (Innovative Design Of Installed Airframe Components For Aircraft Noise Reduction) led by ONERA. The first joint kick-off meeting successfully took place on 22 June 2020, bringing together 88 participants from the three projects and representatives of the European Commission.
The ENODISE project (enodise.h2020.eu) coordinated by the von Karman Institute aims at reducing aircraft noise emissions by improving the integration of the propulsion system with the airframe. Complex aerodynamic and acoustic engine-airframe interactions are involved, which must be better understood to yield the expected gains. ENODISE will investigate the main propulsion-airframe integration issues and build a solid basis of knowledge and methods based on simplified but representative configurations, permitting to assess a variety of integration concepts. The project involves 12 participants from 7 EU countries.
To reduce aviation noise levels, the DJINN project (https://djinn.online) coordinated by CFD Software will develop a new generation of reliable computational fluid dynamics methods to assess promising noise-reduction technologies for future integrated propulsion aircraft. According to DJINN, understanding, modelling and predicting jet-airframe noise is key to developing efficient noise-reduction technologies.
Aircrafts are also noisy during approach, with an imposed long-distance low-slope trajectory, repetitively impacting the same inhabitants; with the engine at idle regime, landing gears and high-lift devices are the dominant noise sources at approach. Reducing noise levels of these sources is a challenging priority for public health. The INVENTOR project coordinated by ONERA will study the physics of noise generated by landing gears and high-lift devices at landing/approach. Bringing together 16 partners from 7 EU countries, INVENTOR's main goal is to develop innovative low-noise installed landing gear, high-lift device components and noise reduction technologies, in order to lower external noise from business jets and short-to-medium-range transport aircraft.

The three projects, bringing together a total of 28 partners in 9 EU countries, will significantly contribute to Europe’s leadership in aircraft noise reduction and solutions. They are funded by the European Commission under its H2020 Framework Program (ENODISE: Grant Agreement No 860103, DJINN: 861438, INVENTOR: 860538).
Press release, von Karman Institute, 10 July 2020


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