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Jet-Wiping Facility Ondule


ONDULE is a facility dedicated to the study of plane jet wiping of surfaces covered with viscous liquids.

The facility consists of a rotating plexiglass cylinder dipping in a bath of liquid, and dragging a relatively thick liquid film.  The linear substrate velocity can be varied between 0.1 and 0.6 m/s, and the working liquid is usually glycerol.  One fourth of rotation after dipping, the film is wiped by a turbulent plane jet generated by a 2-D slot nozzle.  Several nozzle geometries are available, and a displacement system allows adjusting the standoff distance from the nozzle to the substrate between 3 and 25 mm.  The nozzle can also be tilted from 30° upwards to 30° downwards.  The thickness and quality of the liquid film after wiping is visualized with a high-speed camera located 45° downstream the wiping zone. For that purpose, the working liquid is coloured with a dye, and illuminated by a diffused light source placed inside the cylinder. The jet pressure and substrate speed are monitored using a computer acquisition system.  Laser triangulation probes are also used to measure the mean film thickness.  A doctor-blade cleans the cylinder surface after measurements.



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